Standard Compounds

Polymer Compound Number Description Specification
BUNA 70N10 70A Standard Buna ASTM D2000, M5BG710 A14 B14 E014 E034 F17
70N14 70A Low Temperature Low Temp. to -65°F
70N15 MIL-G-21610, Type 1 MIL-G-21610, Type 1
70N16 MIL-R-6855, Class 1, Grade 70 MIL-R-6855, Class 1, Grade 70
40N10 40A Standard Buna General Purpose
50N10 50A Standard Buna General Purpose
60N10 60A Standard Buna General Purpose
80N10 80A Standard Buna General Purpose
90N10 90A Standard Buna General Purpose
40N11W 40A FDA, White FDA
70N11W 70A FDA, White FDA
70N12B 70A FDA, Black FDA
70N13 Peroxide Cured Buna General Purpose
Viton* 75V10 75A Standard Viton* MIL-R-83248, Type 2, Class 1
90V10 90A Standard Viton* MIL-R-83248, Type 2, Class 2
65V10 65A Viton* General Purpose
60V10 60A Viton* General Purpose
55V10 55A Viton* General Purpose
75V12BR 75A Brown ASTM D2000, M2HK710 A1-10 B38 C12 E F 31
75V12W 75A White, non-FDA General Purpose
75V11BL 75A FDA Black FDA
75V13W 75A FDA White FDA
Silicone 70S10 70A Standard Silicone, FDA Ingredients, Peroxide Cured ASTM D2000 7GE706 A19 B37 EA14 E016 E036 F19 and ZZ-R-765 2A&2B, GRADE 70 and AMS3304.
40S10 40A Standard Silicone General Purpose
50S10 50A Standard Silicone General Purpose
60S10 60A Standard Silicone General Purpose
70S11R 70A FDA Silicone Red FDA Ingredients
70S11W 70A FDA Silicone White FDA Ingredients
70S11T 70A FDA Silicone Translucent FDA Ingredients
50S11R 50A FDA Silicone Red FDA Ingredients
60S11R 60A FDA Silicone Red FDA Ingredients
70S12W 70A FDA White Platinum Cure FDA Ingredients
60S12W 60A FDA White Platinum Cure FDA Ingredients
70SI16T 70A USP Class VI Translucent Medical Grade
EPDM 70E10 70A Standard EPDM ASTM D2000 M3BA710 A14 B13 C12 F19
70E13 70A Peroxide Cured EPDM Peroxide Cured
70E11B 70A FDA EPDM FDA Ingredients
70E11W 70A White FDA EPDM FDA Ingredients
NEOPRENE 70C10 70A Standard Neoprene ASTM D2000 M3BC710 A14 B14 C12 E034 F17
70C11W 70A Off-White FDA Neoprene FDA Ingredients
FLUORO- SILICONE 70F10 70A Fluorosilicone MIL-R-25988, Type 2, Class 1, Grade 70

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